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Bill Holtsnider

Senior Writer


Word Flow Writing Services, Contract Writer, Boulder, CO: Current

Technical and marketing writing contracts for companies in key multiple locations (Boulder, Denver, Silicon Valley, Boston) and multiple industries (software development, data analytics, federal government, security, construction management, finance, IT consulting, biotechnology, insurance software, computer hardware, circuit board layout.) 2015 sabbatical output: one novel, five short stories, +1,000 graphics.

Independent Contracts, Boulder, CO: 6/2014 7/2016

GNOSIS Virtualization, Boulder, CO: Contract Writer, 2/2016 4/2016: Edited and formatted complex +600-page Word documents for a data center layout project (www.gnosisvirt.com); Surna, Inc., Boulder, CO, Contract Writer, 9/2014 12/2014: Completed a 300-page, 100-blog document for a Boulder-based commercial building design company (www.surna.com).

Fulltime and Contract Writing Positions, Denver, CA: 9/1995 10/2015

Pure Integration, Inc., Herdon, VA: Senior Writer (remote), 5/2013 6/2014: Compiled a single five-part, hyperlinked pdf binder from multiple Word and Excel source files as part of an SDLC project (www.pureintegration.com); ClickFox, Denver, CO: Senior Writer (full time on-site), 7/2009 9/2011: Built a single-source documentation project using MadCap Flare for a web analytics company (www.clickfox.com); Aha Software, Englewood, CO: Senior Writer (full time on-site), 11/2008 8/2009: Wrote and updated a +300 page online help system using MS Office, MadCap Flare, Acrobat, SnagIt, PhotoShop, FrameMaker and RoboHelp for a web analytics software company (previously www.ahasoft.com); Ping Identity, Denver, CO: Senior Writer (full time on-site), 4/2006 9/2008: Wrote a six-manual documentation set for an identity management software application (www.pingidentity.com); Alutiiq, LLC, Denver, CO: Senior Writer (full time on-site), 5/2005 1/2006: Developed a browser-based procedure toolkit in RoboHelp, a +30 page division-wide website structure, and a +300 page government proposal structure for a construction management company (www.alutiiq.com); Tanning Technology, Denver, CO: Senior Writer (full time on-site), 5/1999 9/2001: A senior writer with an international IT consultancy, I wrote technical and marketing documents (+200) and provided training and project management for a wide range of clients (previously www.ttc.com).

Independent Contracts, Denver, CO: Contract Writer, 9/1995 10/2015

Completed over 24 separate contracts for technical and/or marketing documents, ranging from user guides, reference manuals and engineering specs to company-wide RFPs, project overviews and presentations for CEOs.

Fulltime and Contract Writing Positions, Silicon Valley, CA: Contract Writer, 9/1986 9/1995

Wrote technical and marketing writing documentation for companies ranging from startups (Confluent and IntelliCorp) and mid-sized companies (Cadence and Daisy Systems) to large corporations (Genentech and HP).

Software Skills

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio; MadCap Flare; Adobe: Creative Suite, Acrobat: Professional, FrameMaker; CorelDraw; RoboHelp, SnagIt


Coming out in 2016

One Page Conversations, Vol. 1: Some Words and Some Art (September, 2016)

One Page Conversations, Vol. 2: Some Words and Some Art (October, 2016)

Coming in 2017

Nanomaplings: Some Possible Maps of the Mind/Brain (a fictional but kinda scientific treatise of a book of maps accompanied by descriptions of thus far undiscovered functions of the Mind/Brain)

Some Rivers Run: Five Stories from the Frontier (short stories)

Previously published

IT Manager's Handbook: Getting your New Job Done, 3rd (2012) by Bill Holtsnider and Brian D. Jaffe

Pocket Guide To Hiring Geeks (2012) by Bill Holtsnider and George Stragand

Agile Development and Business Goals: The Six Week Solution (2010) by Bill Holtsnider, Tom Wheeler, Joe Gee and George Stragand

IT Manager's Handbook: The Business Edition (2009) by Bill Holtsnider and Brian D. Jaffe

IT Manager's Handbook: Getting your New Job Done, 2nd (2006) by Bill Holtsnider and Brian D. Jaffe

IT Manager's Handbook: Getting your New Job Done,1st (2000) by Bill Holtsnider and Brian D. Jaffe

Windows 98 Step by Step: A Hands-On-Guide (1998) by Bill Holtsnider

Windows 95 Step by Step: A Hands-On Workbook (1997) by Bill Holtsnider


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